Tuesday, October 20th 2020
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Prof. Rachel Green - Department of Art, Georgia Southern University
I have been creating fiber pieces, installations and sculptures addressing environmental
and cultural issues since moving to the Georgia coast in1986. My work combines everyday materials to make a satirical comment on the nature of play and work in the face of rapidly changing technology and a culture where the “must haves” of today become the obsolete trash of tomorrow. Living in this coastal environment, we experience first-hand the detritus of valued then abandoned items where when seeing plastic deposited with the tides in the marshes and on the beaches, we understand quite clearly that it never really goes away. My work reflects my reaction and response to how “possessions” useful or not affect our relationship to the world and psychological existence as human beings.
Dr. Richard McGrath - Department of Economics, Georgia Southern University
This is an interesting project that connects to many thoughts.
What does the hoarder ask?
• What is the value of something we no longer use?
• Are memories enough to keep it, or is the memory enough without it?
• What is the value of the small possibility that we might use it again, and does that outweigh the cost of clutter?
• Will I be happier if it is used by someone else?
• What regret will I experience if I give it away, only to decide soon thereafter that I want to use it again?
• Will I want it back for no reason other than "it is mine."
Dr. Katie Brkich - Department of Elementary and Special Education, Georgia Southern University
What I have recently learned I can live without is various holiday decorations. Most people I know decorate their home for Christmas, but my mother always decorated our home for each holiday growing up (Valentines, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Summer, 4th of July, Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving) , and when I became an adult I thought I should continue that tradition. I inherited many of her decorations and purchased many new decorations as well. I have now gone a whole year without ever unpacking the boxes of decorations for every holiday other than Christmas. I realized I was just planning on decorating for holidays because it's what I thought good moms/wives were supposed to do - not because it actually brought me joy. As such, I have a garage full of holiday decorations, sorted by holiday, that I find I can (and have) lived without for over a year, and I am a calmer, happier person because of it.

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