amid COVID-19 pandemic 
we find ourselves further limited with options and resources
some forgo, some lose, some question many things
drop off, pick up, discard, renew
things, what can you live without
just an old question revisited

Now till August 2021, share a photo or thought of something you can live without
or #goodwithout2020 on Instagram

or mail the item to Lann Le P.O. box #13089
1332 Southern Drive, Statesboro, GA 30458​​​​​​​
We are creative, we make and give meaning to things. There is nothing wrong with cherishing our inventions and appreciating the benefits they bring to our lives. 
In some cases, these items become the norm, we sometimes rely on them physically or emotionally. Do we rely on ice-cream and movies to make us happy, buying things to make us feel powerful, social media to make us feel socially connected, machines and programs to make us feel productive? I am excited to share these questions with you and would like to hear your thoughts about them. 
Many thanks,
Lann Le
BFA student, Georgia Southern University 
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